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Talk Shows
  • CNN with Chris Cuomo
  • Christine Devine Interview Fox News
  • My response to Sheriff David Clarke’s RNC 2016 speech on HLN TV
  • Inside Edition fatal shooting of Philando Castile
  • Misc Radio interviews on deadly police shooting and institutionalized racism on some police departments
  • 25 Years After Rodney King Beating
  • Fatal police shooting of Terence Crutcher - MichaeLA Live HLN TV
  • Interview by KTLA’s Dave Mecham on former CHP Andrew Daniel’s assault of Marlene Pinnock on LA freeway
  • Dr. Drew on HLN
  • Sgt Cheryl Dorsey - Tavis Smiley Show Discussion on minority community police relations with retired LAPD experts
  • Commentary on LAPD Shooting of Ezell Ford - Pic. with Tritobia Ford
  • Retired LAPD expert TD Jakes Show, Conversation re Prescription Nation
  • Alton Sterling fatal shooting with Lisa Bloom on Dr. Drew
  • Discussion with mother of teen (Mike Brown) murdered by police in Ferguson, Missouri
  • Discussion HLN TV Nancy Grace on death of Sandra Bland, Sister, Sharon Cooper
  • Response to international Police Chiefs Association President’s apology
  • Corrupt Crimes - Rampart Scandal
  • Oxygen Channel Corrupt Crimes - Staten Island Death
  • Guest appearance in film by director John Mullholland
  • Democracy Now Radio Interview
  • LAPD Police expert and author interview - Tom Joyner Radio Show
  • VOA International radio interview on police brutality - image of LA Talk radio personalities
  • Black And Blue - "Fuck Your Breath" #EricHarris LAPD Sergeant Cheryl Ford Dorsey
  • Corrupt Crimes